viernes, 28 de octubre de 2016


By Kathy Dawson

As educational institutions around the world seek to internationalize and attract international students, educators are being called to deliver content courses in English and to prepare learners to work in multilingual, multicultural contexts. This presentation (see link below)  from the 10th Latin American Congress of Professional Development explores professional learning needs of university professors, school teachers, and language instructors as they face these challenges. Topics include using English for the specific purpose of teaching, effective strategies for supporting language learners in content classes, and frameworks for building intercultural communicative competence. Attention will be given to Mount Royal University and the steps we are taking to meet these challenges both locally and internationally.

Kathy Dawson, MEd (TESL) | Program Administrator, Teacher Education
Languages Institute, Faculty of Continuing Education and Extension
Mount Royal University
Calgary, Alberta

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