jueves, 13 de octubre de 2016

Having Stunning Methodology, Materials and Sources Guarantees that a teacher will do their job right?

By Flor de María Vila A.

Unfortunately, there are many teachers who still believe that teaching English means to “display” the knowledge which students are expected to acquire. Yet, some educators are eager to find the right methodology for their courses because they think it would help themselves achieve their objective: make pupils learn. On the other hand, some professionals are willing to accept any help that avoids their spending too much time preparing materials, exercises, activities, exams and even lesson plans. It is a fact that teachers, in general, work more than 8 hours daily, so anything that reduces their load of work is highly welcome. Everything mentioned above may be reasonable. However, the main challenge is that even having a very favorable scenario, there still are students who do not learn, or even worse, stop trying to learn. Teachers may have the perfect methodology, resources and books, yet they still cannot feel completely satisfied with the results they actually achieve and all their efforts seem to vanish.

         Having the right methodology, books, or any other resources does not guarantee the success of a class. There are some other aspects that may be even much more important and that´s something we need to find out.  

Would the solution be excellent lesson plans, amazing visual aids, and outstanding technological resources?

May having enthusiastic students assure their success in learning?

Share your ideas with us and unveil the secret!


M.A. in Cognition, Learning and Development from PUCP, B.A. in Education with a major in English Teaching. Ms. Vila is currently Pedagogic Advisor and Member of the Research Team at Centro de Idiomas de la Universidad del Pacífico and Academic Director of International Contacts (test training & foreign applications advisory). She is official Examiner for several University of Cambridge tests, freelance consultant with Universidad ESAN, experienced speaker on diverse English teaching issues for prestigious institutions, and senior international examinations trainer (GMAT, GRE, TOEFL).

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