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                                                     By Zarela Cruz

Being professional may mean more than we can imagine. At first sight, we may think that it demands to make the most of our professional skills at work. Not exactly. It means much more. Since it is not taught, but picked up along our careers, the list below may help you redefine this concept.

 1. Do you respect your company policies?

 2. Do you treat company property with care and respect?

 3. Do you take your work seriously?

 4. Are you organized?

 5. Are you punctual?   
 6. Are you a reliable worker?

 7. Are you a positive person?

 8. Are you willing to help?

 9. Do you avoid teachers’ room drama and 
     worker gossip?

10. Do you pay attention to dress code and personal 

This list may go on and on. Needless to say, we may have different definitions and different backgrounds. However, we all agree that, when it comes to professionalism, we want to show our best “us”.

It is more than the way we conduct ourselves in our working place; it is about the way we behave, it is about who we are as individuals.

We do not pretend to be either superheroes or geniuses, but we all would like to be part of the solution more than of the problem. We cannot deny that a pleasant working environment depends mostly on the workers themselves. If we know what is going on in our institutions, if we work hard to be (and look!) accountable, if we commit ourselves  to doing our best every day, we are on the right track.

Easier said than done? Let us know by sharing your own experience and/or giving advice to your colleagues.


What does ‘Being Professional’ mean to you?
Are you up to it?


Zarela Cruz graduated from Ricardo Palma University as a translator.  She also finished her master’s studies in Linguistics and took some specialization diplomas in the Teaching of English and Spanish. She has also completed some online certificates:  Teaching the Working Adult, Online, Hybrid and Blended Education, among other self-study courses. She has taught different courses, programs and levels and has been a teacher trainer, a lecturer and online instructor for more than 25 years. She is currently studying a master’s in Translation. This article aims to reflect on the concept of professionalism at work.

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